Face Care

We are adept in deep cleansing, exfoliation and optional face mask beauty treatments, for both normal and sensitive skin conditions.

All of which can then followed by a soft, soothing face and head massage using collagen to smooth fine lines and ensure you leave feeling as refreshed as your skin now looks!

Deep Cleansing with Face Mask - 50 mins£45
Deep Cleansing with Face Mask - 65 mins£55
Deep Cleansing with Massage - 90 mins£85



Treat yourself to silky smooth skin with either strip or hot wax, applied by our skilled beauticians.

Our strip wax are used super thinly, they remove short hair, they do not leave a sticky residue and are virtually pain free! Once the waxing has been completed, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to help the skin recover from the waxing treatment. Clients can remain hair free for up to 4-6 weeks.


Under Arms - 15 mins£15
Half Arms - 20 mins£20
Full Arms - 35 mins£30
Half Legs - 30 mins£30
Full Legs - 60 min£55

Opening Times

Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 22.00

Sat - Sun: 10.30 - 20.00


Health First Spa

9 Little Turnstile,

London WC1V 7DX

t: 020 8617 8989

e: info@healthfirstspa.co.uk

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Health First Spa @ Holborn
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